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Market 100% WILDCRAFTED I NO ADDITIVES I MADE WITH LOVE Sea moss gel has a great range of benefits to name a few sea moss improves energy levels, helps improve thyroid function, is a immunity booster, and nourishes the skin!
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Welcome to the Heal Market. Create health from the inside out. Enjoy natures finest!

Experience the world’s finest superfood with our sea moss gel.

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Our largest organ, let's show it some love.

Where it's found Sea moss is a type of red algae that grows on the Atlantic coastlines of Great Britain, Europe, Iceland, North America, and the Caribbean islands. g g g f g g

Health Benefits

Sea Moss is loaded with life enhancing nutrients.


This natural superfood contains compounds that act as antimicrobial, and antiviral agents, helping boost immunity and fight infections.


Sea moss is mucilaginous, it helps soothe the mucus membranes in the body and helps your body get rid of excess mucus. It’s great for reducing congestion and clearing out phlegm buildup in the lungs


Sea moss can have a probiotic effect during digestion assisting in ridding bad bacteria in the gut, contributing to gut health and immunity.


The iodine and mineral compounds produce collagen which plumps the skin and sea moss draws out toxins and replenishes it with good minerals.

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Sea moss does everything from boost immunity and soothe digestion to strengthen joints and improve skin health.

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